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Google Expands Its Safe Browsing Service To Warn More Users And Webmasters Of Malware
 Earlier this week, Google announced that it has expanded its Safe Browsing service, which prevents users from going to known malware sites. Chrome, for example, now shows you a warning before you visit a site that harbors known malware (instead of just popping up a warning when you are about to download it). Similarly, Google Search will now pop up a warning when you’re about to go to… Read More

Microsoft opens Office 2016 preview to more testers
Microsoft is broadening its Office 2016 desktop preview to include anyone willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Verizon finally updating Icon to Windows Phone 8.1
Microsoft's flagship Lumia Icon Windows Phone on Verizon is getting long-awaited operating system and firmware updates.

Microsoft delivers first public preview of Windows 10 for phones
Microsoft has made available its first public preview build of Windows 10 for Windows phones.

Microsoft's Office apps to work with more cloud storage services
Starting with Office for iOS, Microsoft is enabling its new Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps to access third-party cloud-storage services, including Apple's iCloud.

Microsoft refreshes Outlook for iOS, Android with password control
Microsoft has begun adding some of the features demanded by IT to its Outlook clients for iOS and Android, with more to come in the 'coming weeks and months.'

Microsoft delivers public preview of mobile real-time analytics on Azure
Microsoft has opened up a first public preview of its real-time mobile analytics service that is based on technology it acquired with its purchase of Capptain last year.

Still no Red Hat Linux on Azure, but VMware looks to be on its way
Red Hat Linux still isn't available on Microsoft's Azure cloud, but VMware's hypervisor should be there soon.

Stardock to deliver a Windows 10 Start menu replacement
Stardock, the company that created a popular Start menu for Windows 8, is back with a beta of a Start menu replacement for Windows 10.

Microsoft Garage incubator delivers new Windows Phone, Android productivity apps
Microsoft has made a handful of new, free experimental productivity apps for Windows Phone and Android available for download from its Garage incubator.

Microsoft's future for productivity: More touch, pen, personal agents
Microsoft's latest future-concept video features software, services and hardware that are all about productivity.

Luckless llamas lassoed after spell on the lam
Picture a mix of your favorite movie car chase and a trip to the zoo. Two llamas were on the loose in Sun City, Arizona, Thursday, with TV cameras following them as law enforcement closed in.

More Mysterious Craters Found in Siberia, Scientist Says 'Urgent’ Investigation Needed
Last summer, the discovery of several new giant craters in Siberia drew worldwide interest, launching wild speculation that meteorites, or even aliens, caused the gaping crevasses. And now, scientists have found even more of them.

Senate's chief climate contrarian throws snowball on Senate floor

Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.) took the opportunity provided by a light snowfall in Washington on Thursday to bring a snowball onto the Senate floor and toss it to a colleague

It was not a playful attempt at bipartisanship, or the start of a "pass the snowball" round akin to musical chairs (last one to catch it before it melts loses).

Instead, Inhofe did this to illustrate that global warming is a hoax

Sen. Inhofe's snowball fight on the Senate floor..

— John R Parkinson (@jparkABC) February 26, 2015

See also: Study unearths impacts of our growing carbon emissions — and it's not pretty Read more...

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Watchdog says spyware violates human rights guidelines
If you think that commercial software designed to spy on computers is problematic, you're not alone. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development's UK contact has determined that Gamma International's approach to selling its FinFisher sp...

Three big questions before the Apple Watch event
Apple is holding a press event on March 9, presumably to show off and start orders for the Apple Watch it introduced back in September. I'm all but certain here on the…

'OITNB' star Taryn Manning is free like a snake in new music video

LOS ANGELES — Orange Is the New Black's Taryn Manning, who portrays violence-prone devout Christian "Pennsatucky" in the Netflix dramedy, just released a music video.

In the video for her and BYNON's dance single "All the Way," Manning roams a desert landscape like a bird, or as Pennsatucky would say: "not even a bird; more like a snake."

See also: Remember this face: Ruby Rose joins 'Orange Is the New Black' cast

Manning has been making music long before her stint on OITNB, unleashing singles almost every year since 2009 except for 2014

She also stars in another music video that came out this week, in an acting role: Read more...

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Worldwide Precipitation Time-Lapsed From Satellite Data | Video
The International Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) satellite can measure global precipitation (rain and snow) every 30 minutes.

How the new Apple emoji got their skin tones: it's not what you think

Apple rolled out new developer betas for OS X and iOS Monday — which included, amongst other things, the first look at a more diverse set of emoji.

The move comes a few months after the Unicode Consortium, the group that governs the emoji standard, proposed an update to address emoji diversity.

See also: Who Controls Emoji Anyway?

The new emoji options include different skin color and hair combinations for a slew of characters. And although much of the reaction to the new emoji has been positive, some users — particularly in Asian communities — are upset and confused by the default emoji skin color, which is yellow. Read more...

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Make Your Own Custom Dark Mode Menu Bar Icons for OS X Yosemite Apps

The dark menu bar in OS X Yosemite is great, but a lot of icons don't play well with the new look. iDownloadBlog shows off how to make your own so they integrate better.


'Jihadi John' identity revealed
Two U.S. officials and two U.S. congressional sources told CNN the man's identity. The Washington Post reports he was from a "well-to-do family" and has a degree in computer programming. FULL STORY

FCC Votes in Favor of Net Neutrality Rules, Classifies Broadband Service as a Utility

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission on Thursday voted in favor by a 3-to-2 decision to enforce net neutrality rules that it claims will help protect freedom of expression and innovation on the Internet, reports

Ars Technica
. The FCC ruling classifies broadband service as a utility and prevents Internet providers from blocking or throttling traffic or offering prioritized service through so-called Internet "fast lanes" for payment.
"The Internet is the most powerful and pervasive platform on the planet. It is simply too important to be left without rules and without a referee on the field," said FCC chairman Tom Wheeler. "Think about it. The Internet has replaced the functions of the telephone and the post office. The Internet has redefined commerce, and as the outpouring from four million Americans has demonstrated, the Internet is the ultimate vehicle for free expression. The Internet is simply too important to allow broadband providers to be the ones making the rules."
The ruling will reclassify fixed and mobile broadband as a telecommunications service, and Internet providers will be regulated under Title II of the Communications Act. The decision was heavily contested by Internet service providers such as AT&T, Comcast and Verizon, which could sue the FCC in an attempt to reverse the new rules. FCC officials believe that Type II reclassification will give them more legal authority to prevent net neutrality rules from being overturned.

While the new requirements are intended to ensure that the Internet remains fast, fair and open, the FCC did not follow through with last-mile unbundling that would have required Internet service providers to sell wholesale access to their networks. That decision would have allowed new competitors to enter local markets and sell broadband service using the existing infrastructure of larger providers such as Comcast and Time Warner Cable.
"But the FCC decided not to impose unbundling," adds Ars Technica. "As such, the vote does little to boost Internet service competition in cities or towns. But it's an attempt to prevent incumbent ISPs from using their market dominance to harm online providers, including those who offer services that compete against the broadband providers' voice and video services."
The FCC's order on Thursday could be faced with legal challenges and action from Congress, according to the report, suggesting that debate surrounding net neutrality is far from over. The new rules will go into effect 60 days after being published in the U.S. Federal Register, although the Office of Management and Budget will continue to manage enhancements to the transparency rule.

Note: Due to the political nature of the discussion regarding this topic, the discussion thread is located in our Politics, Religion, Social Issues forum. All forum members and site visitors are welcome to read and follow the thread, but posting is limited to forum members with at least 100 posts.

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South Korea legalizes adultery
South Korea's Constitutional Court has overturned a law that made adultery a crime, saying it violates the constitutional right to pursue happiness. FULL STORY

I trained this dog to read
Dog trainer Maureen Ward says she can teach dogs to read, as WAVE's Connie Leonard reports.

Bikram Yoga guru accused of rapes
To his legions of fans, Bikram Choudhury has an almost other-world quality. The yoga guru inspires as he promises to heal body and mind.

Shazam’s latest funding round came, in part, from Russia

Buran Venture Capital, a Moscow-based, internationally-oriented venture fund, appears to be among the backers of Shazam, which raised $30 million this past January in a funding round that valued it at over $1 billion. While the other investors are still unidentified, the Russian fund revealed yesterday that it contributed $8.5 million in the round. “We […]

How Astronauts Eat Cheeseburgers in Space

Back in 1985, Mexican astronaut Rodolfo Neri Vela brought some tortillas in space aboard the space shuttle Discovery, and ever since then, NASA astronauts have been using them to “contain” their food while in zero gravity. Pictured above and below, you can see astronaut Terry W. Virts eating a cheeseburger composed of tortilla, a broken […]

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Apple Sets March 9 Event as Apple Watch Debut Approaches in April
Apple has announced a special event on March 9 with the tag line, "Spring forward," a likely allusion and tease about its upcoming Apple Watch smartwatch, which is scheduled for release in April.

James Corden is dashing in first promo photos for 'The Late Late Show'

From the land that has already given us Harry Potter, Sam Smith, and Doctor Who comes the latest British import you might just fall in love with: James Corden

The new Late Late Show will make his debut on CBS on March 23 and, if these exclusive first promo photos are any indication, it's going to be a dashing affair

See also: A Mardi Gras ode to New Orleans by 'NCIS: New Orleans' star CCH Pounder

Corden, who is well known overseas for creating BBC comedy Gavin and Stacey and his work in theater, will welcome Tom Hanks as his first guest. (America's treasure meeting a British one — seems fitting.) Read more...

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Judge reportedly tries to shut down WhatsApp in Brazil

The Facebook-owned messaging giant was said to be refusing to participate into an investigation into sexually explicit photos of children posted to the service, according to the AP.

First human head transplant could happen in two years
A radical plan for transplanting a head onto someone else's body is set to be announced. But is such ethically sensitive surgery even feasible? (SLNewScientist)

TL;DR Minorities in Hollywood are underrepresented on every front
"We don't want them to see diversity as a burden or a moral obligation. We want them to see it as a business imperative."
UCLA's Bunche Center for African American Studies has released its 2015 Hollywood Diversity Report: Flipping The Script [PDF]. The Hollywood Reporter has the exclusive story (with lots of sidebars.)

Families pose with a week's worth of garbage
A picture is worth a thousand words, but a California-based photographer turned a picture into a reality check.

Airline warns pilots after mistakes
United Airlines has issued a stern warning to its pilots after mistakes in the cockpit put passenger planes in potential danger.

Scientists discover black hole 12 billion times bigger than the sun - CNN

Scientists discover black hole 12 billion times bigger than the sun

(CNN) Researchers in China have spotted a supermassive black hole, which they say is 12 billion times the size of the sun and formed around 900 million years after the Big Bang. The black hole is larger than any of its age previously seen, the journal Nature ...
A new supermassive black hole puzzles scientists CNET
Scientists discover supermassive black hole as massive as 12 billion suns
Young Black Hole Had Monstrous Growth Spurt Scientific American
USA TODAY  - Newsday  -
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Bundled Crapware Has Come to Macs, So Hone Your BS Detectors

There's an old belief that Macs don't have the same crapware/malware problem that Windows does. However, with the rise of Macs over the past few years, that's no longer true. Our friends at the How-To Geek explain how OS X crapware works, and how to avoid it.


Apple Targeting Early April Launch Date for Apple Watch
Apple has not provided details on when the Apple Watch might begin shipping to customers beyond the broad "April" launch date shared by CEO Tim Cook, but new information provided to MacRumors suggests the Apple Watch could see a release more towards the beginning of April rather than the end of the month.

According to a reliable source that spoke with MacRumors, Apple is planning to begin moving Apple Watches to centralized distribution points in the U.S. during the first few days of the month, with an Apple Watch release possibly coming during the first full week of April, between April 6 and April 10.

A launch date around this time would see the Apple Watch shipping approximately one month after the company's planned March 9 media event, where it is expected to unveil new details about the Apple Watch. There are many details about the device that the company has kept under wraps, including its prospective battery life and full pricing details on the middle tier Apple Watch and higher-end Apple Watch Edition.

Apple will likely share a specific Apple Watch release date during the March 9 event, and we're also likely to find out whether the company will be accepting pre-orders. With an early April launch timeline, Apple could begin accepting pre-orders during the last week of March.

Apple will be live streaming its March 9 media event, and MacRumors will also be providing live coverage of the information the company unveils about the Apple Watch.

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Avatron Launches 'Air Display 3' for iOS With New USB Connection Option
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ExoLens Review: Hands-On With a Professional Photography System for iPhone 6

Cool Pacific Ocean Slowed Global Warming
The Pacific was a planetary air conditioner for the past two decades, but the relief may soon end, a new study finds.

'Jihadi John' suspect in IS beheading videos is identified

What does ISIS execution video location reveal?

The BBC says the man seen in several Islamic State videos is Mohammed Emwazi from London.

Gigantic black hole found, researchers say

Google exec hints at Photos, Hangouts and G+ split
Rumors have long suggested that Google might separate the parts of Google+ that people have been most interested in -- photos and messaging / Hangouts -- away from the social network's main stream. Now it appears that Sundar Pichai agrees with that v...

Modern Family’s latest episode is a must-watch for anyone trying to tell stories online

Analysis:While marketers, vendors, and media thinkers have frequently pondered and pitched multi-channel or even omnichannel experiences, last night’s show was the most perfectly realized multi-channel narrative I’ve ever seen.

Now That Google's Artificial Intelligence Can Beat You At Atari, What's Next? - CBS Local

Now That Google's Artificial Intelligence Can Beat You At Atari, What's Next?

CBS Local
(CBS SF) — Google's newly acquired artificial intelligence company DeepMind is reveling in software that in a couple of hours mastered several Atari games. But it's not just some programmers geeking out over the novel uses of AI. Instead, it's an introduction ...
Google's AI could probably beat you at Atari Christian Science Monitor
Google's newest AI can beat your Atari high-scores Engadget
Search giant invents an AI system that plays video games on its own Business Standard
The Guardian
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U.S. judge rules for Vikings' Peterson in NFL discipline case

Suspended Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson exits following his hearing against the NFL over his punishment for child abuse, in New York

By David Bailey MINNEAPOLIS (Reuters) - A federal judge on Thursday overturned the NFL's suspension of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, who had pleaded no contest to charges of hitting his son with a switch, and sent the case back to the league's arbitration process for resolution. In a 16-page ruling, U.S. District Court Judge David Doty said National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell acted beyond his authority in November when he suspended Peterson, the league's most valuable player in 2012, until at least April 15. Doty, siding with the players' union, said the NFL could not retroactively suspend Peterson under a new personal conduct policy announced by Goodell in December for behavior that occurred under the old code. The ruling basically allows Peterson to return to the Vikings but it was unclear if the Vikings would take him - and his $13 million salary for 2015 - back.

Study: Most People Won’t Stop Online Bullies
 In 1964 a woman named Kitty Genovese was stabbed and left for dead in Kew Gardens, Queens. She screamed for help over a half hour while bystanders and apartment-dwellers above apparently ignored her pleas. Her assailant had time to disguise himself during the attack. She died of her injuries, and experts at the time called the failure of bystanders to act “Genovese Syndrome.” While… Read More

DARPA Touts Deep-Web Search in Hunt for ISIS
An experimental Pentagon tool to search the deep web is now being used in the hunt for Islamic militants, an official said. The research project, known as Memex and developed by the Pentagon’s research and development arm, was discussed this week at the first annual Future of War conference. The event was organized by the […]

Have You Seen The Boston Snow Tunnel for Cyclists?

What do you do when you are a cyclist in Boston right now and need to ride your bike, but the streets and sidewalks have about three feet of snow? Well, you build a snow tunnel, of course. These folks aren’t professional engineers. As far as anyone can tell, they simply saw a whopping pile of […]

The post Have You Seen The Boston Snow Tunnel for Cyclists? appeared first on Geeks are Sexy Technology News.

Lessons learned from Working Remotely as a Software Developer
submitted by allensb
[link] [1 comment]

Mobile news app startup Circa launches fully featured responsive website (Neal Ungerleider/Fast Company)

Neal Ungerleider /

Fast Company:
Mobile news app startup Circa launches fully featured responsive website  —  WHY CIRCA'S BRINGING NEWS FROM SMARTPHONES TO... YOUR WORK COMPUTER?  —  Mobile news app Circa is gearing up for a big change: They're jumping to the web.  A new responsive web homepage was officially unveiled …

Everybody loves infographics.

Everybody loves infographics. Facts (and assertions) just spring to life when you make them into cool pictures. But this powerful tool is all too often misused. Our friends at io9 put together a list of 11 infographics that are either completely misleading or totally useless. [io9 ]


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