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1st city votes 'yes,' 'no' leads narrowly
Voters in Scotland have made their choice -- remain part of the UK or choose independence. The counting is underway.

6 children, 2 adults dead in Florida shooting


BELL, Fla. (AP) — A once-convicted felon killed six of his grandchildren, including an infant, his adult daughter and himself in a shooting at the man's home in a small North Florida town Thursday, a sheriff said.

Shake your silk-maker
The dance of the peacock spider "With their ornately-colored bodies, rhythmic pulsations, and booty-shaking dance moves, male peacock spiders attract the attention of spectating females as well as researchers. One such animal behavior specialist, Madeline Girard, collected more than 30 different peacock spider species from the wilds of Australia and brought them back to her lab at UC Berkeley. Under controlled conditions, she recorded their unique dances in the hopes of deciphering what these displays actual say to a female spider and how standards differ between species.'

Newest iPhones Hit the Market Down Under - Wall Street Journal

Newest iPhones Hit the Market Down Under

Wall Street Journal
With the appeal of a bigger screen, veterans of prior launches said the queues were the longest outside Sydney's Apple store, highlighting strong initial demand. "Apple customers wanted bigger screens and now they have finally done it," said Shane Gray, ...
Live: Apple iPhone 6 goes on sale Sydney Morning Herald
Video: Lines form around the world for Apple's iPhone 6 Fortune
iPhone 6 fans brave Dengue mosquitoes in Tokyo PCWorld
ZDNet  - Brisbane Times  - The Guardian
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NPM registry in numbers
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After attack and investigation, Home Depot says it has installed new security tools

It took Home Depot two weeks to figure out what happened in the biggest security breach in the company's history.

PlayStation Now Open Beta Comes to PS3 Today (John Koller/PlayStation.Blog)

John Koller /

PlayStation Now Open Beta Comes to PS3 Today  —  For a little more than a month, the PlayStation Now Open Beta has allowed PS4 users to quickly access and play games from a rich and expanding library of PS3 titles directly from our cloud servers, without the need to wait for game downloads, installs, or patches.

Facebook Meets Hot-Or-Not In News Feed - Dumb-Out

Facebook Meets Hot-Or-Not In News Feed

Facebook is at it again, making changes which they hope will guide users to engage the social network more actively, especially when they are in the middle of other socially-relevant activities. Watching the football game? Facebook wants to hear about it.
Facebook tweaks feed once again, but will it be useful this time? Tech Times
Facebook to Prioritize Timely News Feed Posts PC Magazine
Facebook turns its feed into a popularity contest Computerworld
Gizmodo Australia  - Engadget
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iOS 8's 2GB download caused UK internet traffic to surge by 60%, despite slow uptake (Alex Hern/Guardian)

Alex Hern /

iOS 8's 2GB download caused UK internet traffic to surge by 60%, despite slow uptake  —  iOS 8 causes bandwidth spikes nationwide, despite slow uptake  —  Apple's latest iOS 8 software drove internet to almost double its normal levels, yet fewer people have updated than iOS 7 a year earlier

NVIDIA's new GPU proves moon landing truthers wrong
Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, there still exist some people on planet Earth who believe it's the only celestial body humanity has ever walked upon. You've heard it before -- the moon landing was a hoax, a mere TV drama produced by...

Global population likely to hit 11 bn +
New global population predictions published in Science today says that world population stabilisation is unlikely this century, with an 80% probability that world population, now 7.2 billion, will increase to between 9.6 and 12.3 billion in 2100, greatly exceeding previous consensus figures that settled around 9 billion, and is expected to keep growing next century. More in the Guardian.

Mom, 6 children shot dead
A Florida man shot and killed a daughter and six grandchildren Thursday in the small north-central Florida town of Bell in what authorities called a murder-suicide.

Nvidia is going to change the way games look

Guest Post: Voxels are the new benchmark for graphics realism.

NVIDIA's latest GPU crams 4K images on 1080p displays
Back in February, NVIDIA trotted out the very first desktop GPUs to feature its new Maxwell architecture: the GeForce GTX 750 and 750i. These entry level cards were paragons of efficiency, but they were hardly strong examples of what the company's...

Procter & Gamble Reportedly Pulls Out of NFL Deal Amid Abuse Controversy

Procter & Gamble has reportedly put the kibosh on a "major initiative" with the NFL because of the league's ongoing domestic violence controversy.

The nixed deal would be the largest, and most tangible, blowback for the league since its treatment of domestic abusers became a national mainstream topic of outrage in July. Other brands have issued critical statements, but none have so far been reported to ax league-wide sponsorship deals

See also: When Football Isn't Worth It

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reported Thursday evening that Procter & Gamble's Crest toothpaste brand was going to participate in a "significant, league-wide initiative" for the NFL's Breast Cancer Awareness month, which takes place every October. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, players wear pink accessories on the field, referees use pink penalty flags and the league heavily promotes pink jerseys marketed toward women and hyped to support the fight against breast cancer Read more...

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6 surprising facts about Whitey Bulger
He had a son. He volunteered to take LSD in prison. He'd rather be in Alcatraz. These are some of the surprising facts about this infamous Boston gangster.

Car goes wrong way, and then ...
A man was driving in the wrong direction down a street. To stop him, a police officer blocked the road with his car.

You got served ... on Facebook :(
It's made you distrustful and toyed with your emotions and now a Staten Island Support Magistrate has deemed Facebook an acceptable vehicle for your legal woes. According to the New York Post,Gregory Gliedman ruled that Noel Biscocho could use the...

Australia Amps Up Security at Parliament House Due to Terror Threat

Australian authorities have amped up security at Parliament House on the heels of a massive anti-terror operation that consisted of multiple raids in Sydney and Brisbane early Thursday.

The Australian Federal Police are to take over security inside and outside Parliament House in Canberra, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Friday, adding the government building could be a target of a terror attack after authorities heard the location "specifically mentioned" by terrorist support networks, according to news reports.

About 5000 people work at Parliament House, The Australian reported. It is also a tourist attraction and a popular destination for school field trips. Read more...

More about Isis, Us World, and Australia

Suspect on FBI's 10 Most Wanted
Hundreds of state troopers and police from throughout the country stood at attention outside a Pennsylvania church Thursday to mourn Cpl. Bryon Dickson amid concerns that a survivalist and war buff suspected of gunning down two troopers may be on the hunt for more officers.

BoJack Horseman's radically funny sadness
BoJack Horseman Is the Funniest Show About Depression Ever
BoJack Horseman is a weird cartoon about a washed-up sitcom star (who's a horse), a snappy social criticism of the entertainment industry, and the kind of in-jokey cartoon designed to tickle the internet. It's also one of the most aggressive portraits of depression I think I've ever seen. Look past the anthropomorphic animal characters and the satire of toxic celebrity culture: This show is radically sad. I love it.
Netflix Original's animated series BoJack Horseman stars Will Arnett, Amy Sedaris, and Alison Brie. It co-stars Aaron Paul and Paul F. Tompkins and has a long and impressive list of guest stars.

Bonus: Ira Glass Stunned By How Many People Want His Ringtone From 'BoJack Horseman'

Final Fantasy creator Square Enix unveils Shinra Technologies to make ‘revolutionary’ cloud game tech

New subsidiary aims to launch cloud gaming beta tests in early 2015.

Nvidia unveils its all-new GeForce GTX 980 and GTX 970 graphics processors

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang loves a spectacle. So while you’re reading this sentence, the GPU-manufacturer’s founder is regaling thousands of gamers at a 24-hour gaming event the company is sponsoring in Los Angeles with the announcement of Nvidia’s latest graphics processor, code-named “Big Maxwell.”

Despite Nvidia’s draconian efforts to prevent a recurrence of the leaks that presaged the announcement of its Shield Tablet, details of the new GPUs have been dripping into the Interwebs for several weeks. Here’s the official information: The new GPU will initially be available in two SKUs, the $329 GeForce GTX 970 and the $549 GeForce GTX 980. The GTX 970 has 1664 processor cores running at a base frequency of 1050MHz (boost clock of 1178MHz), while the beefier GTX 980 has 2048 cores running at 1126MHz (boost clock of 1216MHz). The GTX 970 and the GTX 980 both have a 256-bit interface to 4GB of GDDR5 memory running at an effective speed of 7Gbps.

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Oracle reports Q1 earnings of $2.2B, or 48 cents a share, on revenue of $8.6B (Oracle)

Oracle reports Q1 earnings of $2.2B, or 48 cents a share, on revenue of $8.6B  —  SaaS and PaaS Cloud Revenue Up 32%, Software and Cloud Revenue Up 6% to $6.6 Billion  —  Record Quarterly Operating Cash Flow Up 7% to $6.7 Billion  —  REDWOOD SHORES, CA — (Marketwired) — 09/18/14 …

How to get an iPhone 6 for less - Dallas Morning News

How to get an iPhone 6 for less

Dallas Morning News
Apple vice president Phil Schiller introduced new products, including the iPhone 6, in Cupertino, Calif., last week. The Dallas Morning News. Published: 18 September 2014 08:42 PM. Updated: 18 September 2014 08:42 PM. If you haven't already preordered ...
iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Review: Big vs. Extremely Big Businessweek
Apple closer to green light for iPhone 6 sales in China Computerworld
iPhone 6 pre-orders open in NZ National Business Review (subscription)
Financial Times  - CNET  - CCTV
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CloudFlare can provide its caching service without your SSL keys

CloudFlare said it has engineered a novel way to handle sensitive encryption keys that allows organizations such as financial institutions to still use its caching service to fend off cyberattacks.

The breakthrough, called “Keyless SSL,” is a new method for handling SSL (Secure Socket Layer) keys, which are used to encrypt content between a client and a service and are a fundamental defense to prevent intercepted data from being read by an attacker.

The company’s popular services protect websites from distributed denial-of-service and other attacks by using a network of global data centers to detect and filter attack traffic and keep websites online through extensive caching.

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Obama: ISIS threats don't scare us
[Breaking news alert, 6:47 p.m.]

These are officially the 4 best cat videos on the entire Internet
While I love all animals, I probably love cats and dogs the most. Growing up, my family always had cats, so they have a special place in my heart. Seriously, what on earth is better than cuddling with a kitten or playing with a ball of string? For whatever reason, cat videos have become very popular on the Internet. Whether nerds truly love cats, or it is enjoyed ironically, the videos are clearly here to stay. Amazingly, Friskies cat food has an annual awards show to find the best cat videos, called "The Friskies". Here are the 4 best, according to public… [Continue Reading]

Cuffed man had gun, officials say
A Savannah, Georgia, police officer killed a handcuffed, and armed, man Thursday as he tried to bust out of a patrol car, a shooting the city's mayor acknowledged has left "a community with many questions."

Ig Nobel Prizes 2014: Jesus Toast, Dog Poop and Raucous Science
The brilliant minds behind research studies about how Earth's magnetic field affects pooping dogs and why people see Jesus in toast were honored tonight during one of the most purposefully ridiculous ceremonies in all of science: the Ig Nobel Prizes.

Android L's newest security feature: out-of-the-box encryption
Apple isn't the only one that's making its software a lot more secure, and erm, fed-proof -- Google's upcoming Android platform will apparently be encrypted by default, according to The Washington Post. The publication didn't clarify whether it's...

iPhone 6 fans brave Dengue mosquitoes in Tokyo

Sales of Apple’s latest smartphone began in Japan with a humanoid robot welcoming eager fans to a shop in Tokyo close to ground zero for a Dengue fever outbreak.

SoftBank’s Pepper robot kicked off the festivities early Friday at the carrier’s outlet in Omotesando, where over 200 people lined up to get their hands on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

As if braving three frigid nights outdoors wasn’t bad enough, the first person in line had to put up with the threat of mosquitos carrying the Dengue virus.

“I’ve been here since Tuesday with my mosquito coil,” a part-time actor who goes by the name Butch said in an interview before sales began. “But I’m really excited now.”

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Google Maps Navigation Expands To 20 New Countries Around The World, Mostly In Africa, The Caribbean, And South America (Michael Crider/Android Police)

Michael Crider /

Android Police:
Google Maps Navigation Expands To 20 New Countries Around The World, Mostly In Africa, The Caribbean, And South America  —  I'd like to take a moment to both thank and blame Google.  Thank you, Google, for offering a free and accurate method of maps and navigation, making it easy to find almost any address quickly and precisely.

Citibank sending its customers an introduction to iPhone 6, Apple Pay
Following up on a press release issued alongside the initial introduction of Apple Pay, Citibank has started emailing its customers with a "coming soon" introduction to the new mobile payment feature associated with iPhone 6.

Obama: 'We do not give in to fear'

US President Barack Obama delivers a statement from the White House in Washington, DC on September 18, 2014

The president says airstrikes on the Islamic State will continue.

Hurricane aftermath in Mexico
The luxury town of Mexico's Los Cabos moves into recovery mode after it was slammed by Hurricane Odile, amid reports of looting and shortages of basic necessities. Deborah Lutterbeck reports.

Google wants websites to work more like apps, even offline
Google wants to get rid of frustrating 404 error pages and make websites still feel interactive even if you're not connected to the internet. So, the company has recently developed a new technology called "Service Workers," and Google software...

It's not a small world after all: Global population estimated to soar - Tribune-Review

It's not a small world after all: Global population estimated to soar


WASHINGTON — Contrary to some earlier projections, the world's population will soar through the end of the 21st century thanks largely to sub-Saharan Africa's higher-than-expected birth rates, United Nations and other population experts said on Thursday.
World Population Could Hit 12.3 Billion by 2100 TIME
World population may hit 11 billion by 2100: study The Australian
UN: World Population Could Double by 2100 and We're Not Equipped to Handle It Healthline  - National Geographic  - ValueWalk
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'7th Heaven' stars: Where are they now?
"7th Heaven" ended its run seven years ago, but the show's stars are still like family.

U.S. Congress approves arming Syrian rebels, funding government

Free Syrian Army fighters carry a rocket before firing it towards Hama military airport that is controlled by forces loyal to Syria's President Assad, in the Hama countryside

By Patricia Zengerle and David Lawder WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Congress gave final approval on Thursday to President Barack Obama's plan for training and arming moderate Syrian rebels to battle Islamic State, a major part of his military campaign to "degrade and destroy" the militant group. The Senate voted 78-22, in a rare bipartisan show of support for one of Obama's high-profile initiatives. With the House of Representatives approving the legislation on Wednesday, the measure now goes to Obama to sign into law. Ten Senate Democrats and 12 Republicans voted no. ...

Climate change: August was hottest on record worldwide - SFGate

Climate change: August was hottest on record worldwide

You wouldn't know it in San Francisco, where summer temperatures have been characteristically moderate, but last month was the hottest August on record worldwide, according to federal climate data released Thursday. Last month's heat adds to a historic ...
More Record Warmth from NOAA (blog)
Today in the News: This summer was Earth's hottest since at least 1880 Massillon Independent
2014 summer was hottest on record, NOAA says  - KCCI Des Moines
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Congressmen to HHS: Help health app developers stay clear of privacy jackpots

Developers are eager to create health products, but are hesitant to market them because of confusion over health privacy rules.

The Blurred L Home Screen

Android: While the styles have gotten closer together lately, Android and iOS are pretty distinct. This design bridges the gap, utilizing the frosted, layered themes of iOS, combined with Android's new material approach for a unique look.


Winter Is (Probably) Coming (Soon)
 That’s the gist of a recent interview that venture capitalist Bill Gurley gave. His words matter because they cut to the simple fact that too many companies are burning too much money. Making money is better than losing money, but losing money — burn — can be the prudent and responsible thing to do. Under certain circumstances, it’s great to burn: If you are quickly… Read More

Larry Ellison's best zingers: a look back

Few CEOs have been as consistently entertaining as Larry Ellison. Love him or hate him, you can depend on him to liven up a speech with a put-down, a faux pas or a zinger for a competitor. Reporters joke that his public relations staff must take a lot of Xanax before he takes the stage. You never know what he’s going to say next.

Ellison, who’s 70, stepped down as Oracle’s CEO on Thursday. He’ll still be executive chairman and CTO, so it’s unlikely we’ve heard the last of him yet. But to mark the end of an era, here are some of our favorite Ellison quotes, culled from various appearances.

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Apple Relied on Its Own Network for Part of the iOS 8 Upgrade (Drew FitzGerald/Wall Street Journal)

Drew FitzGerald /

Wall Street Journal:
Apple Relied on Its Own Network for Part of the iOS 8 Upgrade  —  The roll-out of Apple 's new mobile-operating system Wednesday was the first time the company used its proprietary data distribution infrastructure, also called a content-delivery network, for such a large-scale deployment.

Facebook Won’t Budge On Letting Drag Queens Keep Their Names
 Facebook will not be changing its real-name policy for the drag queen community. San Francisco drag queens met with representatives from the company yesterday afternoon to talk through a recent mass deletion of their personal profile pages. Facebook started deleting accounts of hundreds of members of the drag community last week after deciding these profiles were in violation of the policy. Read More

Former owner of MySpace, Brad Greenspan, sues NewsCorp, Google, and IAC, alleging collusion in 2005 sale (Gina Hall/The Wrap)

Gina Hall /

The Wrap:
Former owner of MySpace, Brad Greenspan, sues NewsCorp, Google, and IAC, alleging collusion in 2005 sale  —  Google, NewsCorp Slapped With Lawsuit Over MySpace Sale  —  Brad Greenspan claims MySpace should have been valued at $32 billion at the time of the 2005 sale, instead of $580 million

YouTube will spend millions to fund and promote new shows from popular creators (Peter Kafka/Re/code)

Peter Kafka /

YouTube will spend millions to fund and promote new shows from popular creators  —  YouTube Takes Out Checkbook Again, Pays Its Stars to Make Videos  —  The world's biggest video site is paying people to make videos.  Again.  —  YouTube is planning to invest millions in some of its biggest stars …

Sierra Leone to shut down for 3 days to slow Ebola

In this photo taken on Sunday, Sept. 14, 2014, a man dries his hands after washing them with chlorine outside a shop in the city of Freetown, Sierra Leone. Shoppers crowded streets and markets in Sierra Leone's capital on Thursday, Sept. 18, 2014, stocking up for a three-day shutdown that authorities hope will slow the spread of the Ebola outbreak that is accelerating across West Africa. (AP Photo/ Michael Duff)

In a desperate bid to slow West Africa's accelerating Ebola outbreak, Sierra Leone ordered its 6 million people confined to their homes for three days starting Friday while volunteers conduct a house-to-house search for victims in hiding.

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