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An introduction...

Greetings!!   I'm Nolan Bailey. I live in North Texas. I'm a senior software engineer, consultant, and technology enthusiast.

From an early age, I've been fascinated with programming and telecommunications. I started coding in sixth grade. By eight grade, I had already taken a college course in programming.

In college, I obtained a bachelors of science in Computer Information Systems. The university yearbook recognized me for having developed and published the very first university student website.

Upon receiving my bachelors in  Computer Information Systems, I pursued and obtained a Masters in Educational Technology (4.0 GPA). While obtaining my masters, I also was a Network Operations Manager for a startup Internet Service Provider as well as a graduate assistant. I accepted the position at the ISP when "the Internet" was basically unknown. However, when I left the ISP, the customer-base had grown from one city and ~70 customers to well over 3,500 customers and four points of presence. The business had reached profitability upon my departure. Also, during that time, my graduate assistant duties required me to assist in the teaching master level courses, revamp the university website (as webmaster), and co-administrate the graduate computer lab.

From 1999 through 2007, I was employed at a Fortune 20 company as a senior software engineer as well as team lead and architect.

My responsibilities included writing numerous systems and applications in C# .NET, migrating internal enterprise systems to C#, coordinating automation efforts, providing guidance as a team lead, and I was the architect of a enterprise data automation system. During my tenure, I developed and delivered numerous Windows applications, user controls, web services, ASP.NET web applications, Windows services, created and maintained databases, and I added new functionality to existing applications written in various programming languages such as Tcl/Tk, Java, Delphi, *nix shell, and others. Since February 2002, I've primarily and extensively used C# and .NET for all of my software development.

In 2008, I decided to switch industries and joined a defense company as a senior consultant and senior software engineer.

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What's the purpose of your blog?
It's mainly my "dumping" ground for random thoughts, everyday life items, and anything that find I interesting or entertaining.

Where do you get the RSS feed for your bookmarks page?
It's from Yahoo! Pipes. However, I wrote an RSS reader to format and better display the feed.

Contact me:
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